Digital and 3D Art By Daniel Jackson

These are just a few of my favourite pieces of 3D art.

I made all of the models using 3DS Max and the rendered scene was put together as a playable scene in the unreal engine.
When I get chance, I hope to add some new 3D models here as I enjoy the process.

Rendered Lamp

I found this rather unique art-deco lamp timepiece that I really liked the look of.

I used images of the lamp to trace out my own blueprints and then modelled and textured the entire lamp.

I took a picture of my real mantlepiece along with other objects and an empty space, and a picture of a reflective ball to create a light map.

Then I was finally able to render these images.

Stargate Project

This personal stargate project is a very special one for me as I am a massive fan of stargate.
So naturally… I had to make one.

I tried to make it as show accurate as possible, I had to get the chevrons and the symbols right …otherwise you can’t dial earth obviously.

Unfortunately I never made a Dial Home Device, and it appears to be mid-space. So I guess it is stuck after all.

Hobbit Hole

For this project I had a lot of assets to create.
I took lots of reference and images from the lord of the rings movies. I created a selection of items and furniture to create this small room.

This was all put together in the unreal engine and you can walk around the room.

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Daniel Jackson's stargate render


I really wanted to do something Stargate related for my final year project, but it probably wouldn’t have worked out.…